Scott Says: November Update from the WICT UK President

I don’t know about you but I just love Christmas! I purchased my new outside Rudolph a couple of weeks ago from my local garden centre – I couldn’t resist him. He was the last one one on the shelf and looked so lonely that I just had to have him.  My husband looked on with that patient, “Oh please can it be over soon?” look on his face, but then even he admitted when we got home that Rudolph did look great on the enclosed porch.


When travelling through Amsterdam airport this week imagine my delight when I spotted the pop up Christmas shop in the arrival area just by the exit. I willed myself not to go in however a quick look at my watch told me that I could afford ten minutes. There is something very special about looking at Christmas decorations in another country. Everything was either white, grey or sliver, such a classy shop.

As we are getting close to Christmas it’s of course time for the annual WICT Christmas networking event.  Cooley are very kindly hosting this on 8 December and we are very lucky to have a speaker, Ann Montgomery, from our Netherlands office of Liberty Global. Ann was heavily involved in WICT US and was a member of their board for a long time so I’m really looking forward to hearing her speak and to network with you all as well.

The invites have already been sent out so make sure you sign up soon as space is limited.

The countdown to Christmas has begun.

Best wishes,


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