Scott Says: August 2015 Update from The WICT UK President

Happy summer everyone!  I hope that you have enjoyed or are about to enjoy a break from work. I have realised over the years just how important it is to ensure I use all my holiday entitlement and I’m proud to say that I use all 25 days I get at Virgin Media every year without fail! I’m also not afraid to admit that when I’m on holiday I really do try to switch off and don’t connect with the office. It’s so important to re-charge your batteries and take time out and reflect.

This is where having a strong team in place helps to ensure that your function can operate without you being there. It’s a great development opportunity for your number two(s) to cover important meetings as your delegate and I’ve always found that my team enjoy this responsibility and it’s invaluable. This reminds me of the importance of always developing your team, giving them these opportunities, and ensuring that there is a succession plan in place. What if I won the lottery next week (now it would help if I actually played it!) but it’s the responsibility of a leader to ensure that your team are ready to ‘step up’ in any event.

I’m really looking forward to my holiday on the 13 August. Ten years ago my husband and I wrote a list of over 20 trips and places we wanted to visit and we’ve been working our way through the list. We’re off on an Alaskan cruise and then to the Rocky Mountains in Canada to hike and appreciate the beautiful scenery. We also have a two day pit stop in Seattle as my best friend is coming with us and that was on her list. I’m hoping Starbucks has a coffee tour…

I hope to see lots of you on the 24 September at our next event hosted by Discovery. It’s going to be a great leadership panel with senior people from our industry (more to follow) with a chance to have an educational tour of their European media centre. Be quick to register when the invitation lands as I know this is going to be really popular and space is limited!

Best wishes,


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