Round Up: Leadership – Sharing the Vision

Huge thank you to all who made it to our September event, Leadership – Sharing the Vision, during which our panel of top media executives shared the advantages and challenges of being a leader and their secret recipes for leadership success. In case you missed it, here are some of the key messages our speakers had to share.

  • Honor Pollock, on the recruitment differences between men and women, said that whilst she finds that men are often much more apt to promoting themselves in a work environment than their f​​emale counterparts. Men often give a much more defined view or who they are, their strengths in the workplace and how they want to develop their career. She advised to the room that women often need to work on their self-promotion and not be afraid to put themselves forward and shout about their strengths.
  • Michelle Russo’s key piece of advice was to be fearless and always have the confidence to pursue your goals and ask for help. She has the view that to be a leader you should chase a title but instead a career, if you are passionate about what you do then others will want to follow, and that is the key quality of a great leader.
  • Phillip Luff told the room that that if he could go back in time and warn his younger self it would be to ‘slow down and look where you are going’ both physically and mentally. After being involved in an accident while crossing the road he confessed that he was in a place in his life where he was just speeding ahead without thinking, after the accident he made sure he never rushed again and set his career at a pace that he was comfortable with and in control of.

See you all at our upcoming Christmas networking event, Tuesday 8 December. More details to follow shortly.

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