Round Up: Boost Your Digital Literacy, June Event

After an incredibly engaging and interesting day at NBCUniversal last month, we’d like to say a huge thank you to our speakers and everyone who made it to our June event. Our speakers and panellists discussed how digital technology and communication disrupt the world we live in. They offered inspiring personal stories and dived into the consumer behaviour we all exhibit, proving why a digital presence has never been more important.

In case you missed it, we’ve rounded up some highlights and as always, we hope to see you at our next event.

Dr Jon Dodd, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Bunnyfoot shared how neuroscience and unconscious behaviour is forever present in the digital world. He explained that digital design is about creating something that emotionally connects with an audience, noting we’re all more likely to do something if it makes us smile. He recommended several books to enhance your knowledge on design principles of design and first on our list is Don Norman’s ‘The Design of Everyday Things’.

Nigel Walley, MD at Decipher controversially stated he hates the word digital, stating ‘it’s an adjective not a noun!’ He compared the growth and change of digital media to biological evolution highlighting we will all experience a world that will gradually adapt to the ever-evolving digital industry. He claims that we need to step away from the stigma that the digital industry creates by asking the question ‘are you a digital jerk or creep?’

Ruth Armstrong, Senior Manager Customer Analytics, Deloitte Digital shared how digital personalisation, influences our decisions every day. She touched on the benefits and restrictions of digital content becoming more specific to you, the user. She also questioned why we would want to limit anyone’s ability to discover new content? “Personalisation needs to be timely, novel, smart, actionable, trusted, transparent and seamless”. Ruth currently leads Deloitte Digital’s Data Science team where she helps clients use data to better understand their customers and audiences.

As we were immersed with forward-thinking arguments for why we need to harness the power of digital media, we got to hear from three women who live and breathe digital, in all formats. Our Power Panel consisted of:

Helen Job, Director of Cultural Intelligence Practice at Flamingo

Sanjana Modha-Patel, Editorial and Branded Content Producer at Scripps Networks Interactive

Heather Killen, Chairman and CEO of Horse and Country TV

They provided fantastic insight into why we live in an ‘always-on’ digital environment and how best to communicate with audiences effectively in a cross-platform industry. It is an unrealistic assumption that consumers will come to you, we need to go out and get them. Sanjana also claimed the idea of a ‘digital detox’ sends shivers down her spine, and we definitely agree!

It’s time to embrace all things digital, whether it’s social media, apps, websites or online communication. We want you to become an informed decision maker and harness the power of digital for you, your career and your company.

Lucy Vince

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