Round Up: Boost Your Digital Literacy, June Event

After an incredibly engaging and interesting day at NBCUniversal last month, we’d like to say a huge thank you to our speakers and everyone who made it to our June event. Our speakers and panellists discussed how digital technology and communication disrupt the world we live in. They offered inspiring personal stories and dived into the consumer behaviour we all exhibit, proving why a digital presence has never been more important.

In case you missed it, we’ve rounded up some highlights and as always, we hope to see you at our next event.

Dr Jon Dodd, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Bunnyfoot shared how neuroscience and unconscious behaviour is forever present in the digital world. He explained that digital design is about creating something that emotionally connects with an audience, noting we’re all more likely to do something if it makes us smile. He recommended several books to enhance your knowledge on design principles of design and first on our list is Don Norman’s ‘The Design of Everyday Things’.

Nigel Walley, MD at Decipher controversially stated he hates the word digital, stating ‘it’s an adjective not a noun!’ He compared the growth and change of digital media to biological evolution highlighting we will all experience a world that will gradually adapt to the ever-evolving digital industry. He claims that we need to step away from the stigma that the digital industry creates by asking the question ‘are you a digital jerk or creep?’

Ruth Armstrong, Senior Manager Customer Analytics, Deloitte Digital shared how digital personalisation, influences our decisions every day. She touched on the benefits and restrictions of digital content becoming more specific to you, the user. She also questioned why we would want to limit anyone’s ability to discover new content? “Personalisation needs to be timely, novel, smart, actionable, trusted, transparent and seamless”. Ruth currently leads Deloitte Digital’s Data Science team where she helps clients use data to better understand their customers and audiences.

As we were immersed with forward-thinking arguments for why we need to harness the power of digital media, we got to hear from three women who live and breathe digital, in all formats. Our Power Panel consisted of:

Helen Job, Director of Cultural Intelligence Practice at Flamingo

Sanjana Modha-Patel, Editorial and Branded Content Producer at Scripps Networks Interactive

Heather Killen, Chairman and CEO of Horse and Country TV

They provided fantastic insight into why we live in an ‘always-on’ digital environment and how best to communicate with audiences effectively in a cross-platform industry. It is an unrealistic assumption that consumers will come to you, we need to go out and get them. Sanjana also claimed the idea of a ‘digital detox’ sends shivers down her spine, and we definitely agree!

It’s time to embrace all things digital, whether it’s social media, apps, websites or online communication. We want you to become an informed decision maker and harness the power of digital for you, your career and your company.

Lucy Vince

Scott Says: May Update from the WICT UK President

Time has flown since our very successful WICT conference on International Women’s Day in March.  Thank you to so many WICT members who joined us on the day, at one point we had over 180 attendees and the feedback on our line-up of speakers has been incredible. It was a pleasure to meet so many of you.


In my role as WICT UK President I’m lucky to get to meet many talented women in business however over the Easter period I was able to spend quality time with another amazing woman, my Mum, who turns 70 this month.  We did the Beer to Branscombe walk over the cliff tops in East Devon which is a six mile round trip up some very steep hills!  She threw herself into the challenge with great energy and passion and I had this overwhelming sense of pride that she is my Mum. She also flew on her own for the first time in March to Geneva to visit my late fathers’ sister and her family. It made me realise that this woman was and still is an amazing role model and I’m so lucky to have her in my life.

There’s a saying that goes ‘spend time with your parents; listen to them; nurture them – you don’t know how long they are going to be there’.  This is so true; since losing my father, my father in law and my mother in law over a ten month period I totally cherish the time I spend with my Mum.  I owe her so much and hope that I can be just like her when I turn 70.

Helen Scott

Scott Says: February Update from the WICT UK President

As I write to you this month I’m putting together the final touches to my introduction to the WICT UK conference, which as you know is taking place on International Women’s Day, 8 March. The IWD theme of Gender Parity is a great topic as it’s now going to take a huge 117 years until we reach this! I know that I’m not prepared to wait that long – are you? If you haven’t signed up please do so now in order that you take part.

We have secured an amazing line up of speakers who include Priti Patel the Employment Minister, to Simon Fanshawe, writer and broadcaster. We will also be welcoming the WICT US President, Maria Brennan who is coming over for our event.

Sponsored by Virgin Media and compèred by Guto Harri, MD of External Communications at Liberty Global, the day will be entertaining, educational and thought provoking. This is also another great opportunity to network with your colleagues across our industry. We are also supporting the HeforShe campaign and would encourage all WICT members to bring a guest for free; all your male colleagues are very welcome! Just register your guest on the registration link so we can cater for them.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


Scott Says: January Update from the WICT UK President

Happy new year to you all! I hope that you had a rest over the holiday season and took time out to focus on friends and family.  My new year has started with a flurry of activity as we are busy planning our next event which will take place on International Women’s day on Tuesday 8 March 2016 at Altitude 360. This will be our biggest event to date and we are adopting the International Women’s day theme of Gender Parity. The World Economic Forum in its Global Gender Gap Report in 2014 estimates that it will take until 2095 to achieve global gender parity in the workplace. That’s a staggering 80 more years until companies and governments are equally led by men and women. This doesn’t just affect our generation at work, it will affect your daughters, your grand-daughters and even your great grand-daughters!

At WICT UK we think that’s just too long to wait so we are building an exciting agenda of speakers around this topic.

We’d love to see you there so please mark your calendars and look out for your invitation soon.


Scott Says: November Update from the WICT UK President

I don’t know about you but I just love Christmas! I purchased my new outside Rudolph a couple of weeks ago from my local garden centre – I couldn’t resist him. He was the last one one on the shelf and looked so lonely that I just had to have him.  My husband looked on with that patient, “Oh please can it be over soon?” look on his face, but then even he admitted when we got home that Rudolph did look great on the enclosed porch.


When travelling through Amsterdam airport this week imagine my delight when I spotted the pop up Christmas shop in the arrival area just by the exit. I willed myself not to go in however a quick look at my watch told me that I could afford ten minutes. There is something very special about looking at Christmas decorations in another country. Everything was either white, grey or sliver, such a classy shop.

As we are getting close to Christmas it’s of course time for the annual WICT Christmas networking event.  Cooley are very kindly hosting this on 8 December and we are very lucky to have a speaker, Ann Montgomery, from our Netherlands office of Liberty Global. Ann was heavily involved in WICT US and was a member of their board for a long time so I’m really looking forward to hearing her speak and to network with you all as well.

The invites have already been sent out so make sure you sign up soon as space is limited.

The countdown to Christmas has begun.

Best wishes,


Scott Says: October 2015 Update from the WICT UK President

“If women are going to lead in business, they’re going to have to lead themselves”.  Said Hoda Kotb (NBC host and bestselling author) who gave the opening keynote speech at the WICT Leadership Conference in New York at the end of September. This was not her saying that there’s no support to help women progress their careers.  However she was making a point about how we have to take ownership of our own progression.

Approximately 800 women and a few brave men attended the conference. It was amazing to be in the presence of so many talented, professional women all striving to make a  difference and succeed in our amazing industry.  As I joined various breakout sessions and a Chapter leaders group I was struck again by the importance of having a diverse group of people contributing to an agenda. Indeed I lead a WICT UK board made up of 13 women plus myself and it’s a great development opportunity managing an agenda where everyone is super passionate and wants to contribute!  So ask yourself what development opportunity can I find this month and what am I going to do to lead myself to lead in business.

Halloween is almost upon us… and then the Christmas decorations will be in the shops.  Make sure you’re holding the 8th December for our WICT Christmas event hosted by Virgin Media.

Best wishes,

Scott Says: September 2015 Update from the WICT UK President

Well it’s definitely the end of the summer with all the rain  we’ve been having!

I’m writing this month’s newsletter introduction from Liberty Global’s offices as I’ve just transferred to a new role as VP, People for our Finance and Support functions. After six years at Virgin Media I was sad to leave however I’m thrilled to join our parent company at such an exciting time. The industry we work in is ever changing and at such pace and with starting a new role my contacts at WICT  and the people I regularly meet are an invaluable source of information and support.

In preparation for my move I reminded myself of how  important it is to take the time to build relationships, listen, learn and reflect before launching into action. It’s so important to understand the context of operations particularly in a support function.  I’m learning a lot and also beginning to think about areas I  need to gain exposure to in order to aid  my knowledge development.  Having structured induction meetings is so important regardless of your level  in an organisation!

One area that has been great development for me over the last 18 months has been leading  the WICT UK Board and I’m delighted to announce two new appointments to this as we continue to develop our remit and activities. Lorraine Delanoy (Turner) has joined as our Membership Chair covering Sarah O’Connor’s maternity leave, and Judy Goldberg joins as our Mentoring Director. Judy runs her own training consultancy, Wondershift, and we know her well from her excellent facilitation at our Q2 event.  Judy will  start to investigate a Mentoring programme for WICT UK to launch in 2016. We warmly welcome both Lorraine and Judy to the Board.  I’ve taken this opportunity to share with you the full Board contact list should you wish to  make contact with any of us. They all do an amazing job of these voluntary roles  whilst delivering in their busy day jobs and I’d like to publicly thank them for all  that they do.

The team are busy preparing for our Q3 event at Discovery on the 24 September. We have an amazing panel line up and I look forward to seeing you there.

Best wishes,


Scott Says: August 2015 Update from The WICT UK President

Happy summer everyone!  I hope that you have enjoyed or are about to enjoy a break from work. I have realised over the years just how important it is to ensure I use all my holiday entitlement and I’m proud to say that I use all 25 days I get at Virgin Media every year without fail! I’m also not afraid to admit that when I’m on holiday I really do try to switch off and don’t connect with the office. It’s so important to re-charge your batteries and take time out and reflect.

This is where having a strong team in place helps to ensure that your function can operate without you being there. It’s a great development opportunity for your number two(s) to cover important meetings as your delegate and I’ve always found that my team enjoy this responsibility and it’s invaluable. This reminds me of the importance of always developing your team, giving them these opportunities, and ensuring that there is a succession plan in place. What if I won the lottery next week (now it would help if I actually played it!) but it’s the responsibility of a leader to ensure that your team are ready to ‘step up’ in any event.

I’m really looking forward to my holiday on the 13 August. Ten years ago my husband and I wrote a list of over 20 trips and places we wanted to visit and we’ve been working our way through the list. We’re off on an Alaskan cruise and then to the Rocky Mountains in Canada to hike and appreciate the beautiful scenery. We also have a two day pit stop in Seattle as my best friend is coming with us and that was on her list. I’m hoping Starbucks has a coffee tour…

I hope to see lots of you on the 24 September at our next event hosted by Discovery. It’s going to be a great leadership panel with senior people from our industry (more to follow) with a chance to have an educational tour of their European media centre. Be quick to register when the invitation lands as I know this is going to be really popular and space is limited!

Best wishes,


Scott Says: June 2015 Update from The WICT UK President

I’m writing this the day after our Q2 event – Learning, Doing and Lasting Impact, and reflecting on what I learnt. It was a fantastic afternoon kindly hosted by Dentons law firm on their palatial 9th floor meeting suite with a terrific London view. The afternoon started with a fun game of People Bingo that got our delegates off their feet and meeting each other.  It was great to know that Leanne Willson once won a regional heat on Junior Masterchef and that one of our members competed in the X-Factor!

This was followed by an extremely interesting session by Dr. Liz Barnes on Neuroplasticity. Who knew that we can all learn to re-wire our brains ourselves and support positive change within our lives? I was reminded during Matt Bourn’s session of the importance of knowing ‘my story’ and understanding more about PR – getting people to tell the stories you want… and ignore those you don’t! Judy Goldberg facilitated the day and did a wonderful job.

I’m feeling very proud that our first two events of 2015 have been such a success and I’m buoyed up and looking forward to our next one on 24th September 2015 at Discovery Communications. In order to get priority booking for this event make sure that you join WICT today. Also don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Enjoy the start of summer!

Best wishes,


Scott Says: May 2015 Update from The WICT UK President

As well as my role as the first President of WICT UK, I’ve been really busy recently in my day job.  I was privileged to attend the WICT Signature luncheon in Chicago as Virgin Media received one of their Signature Accolade award.

Every year WICT award 5 ‘Signature Accolades’ recognising the stand-out achievements of organisations who support issues and causes important to women. When Virgin Media found out we had been awarded the International accolade we were obviously delighted.

The lunch itself was amazing. Meghan Markle of hit US drama ‘Suits’ fame hosted the event and I was privileged to learn about her work as a UN Advocate for Women’s political participation and leadership. She also runs a lifestyle site The Tig – http://www.thetig.com. Meghan commented that she was humbled to be among so many people working to effect change in our communities. Read more