8 Best Reads and Videos for International Women’s Day

From all of us at WICT UK, we’d like to wish you a very happy International Women’s Day. We’ve handpicked some our favourite reads in the spirit of this very significant date for women (and men) all over the world. Join us over on Twitter for more @WICT_UK.

1. Marissa Mayer Has Completed Step One

On Yahoo’s 20th Anniversary, its CEO presents a progress report on how she’s turning around—and maybe transforming—an Internet icon.

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 2. 10 TED Talk by Women That Everyone Should Watch

Includes Sheryl Sandberg on why we don’t have enough female leaders and Anne-Marie Slaughter on what ‘having it all’ can mean.

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3. Mary Portas: How I Make My Career Work Around My Kids

Mary Portas Attends The Select Committee About Her Regeneration Of The  Highstreet“Most nights we have dinner together, I think that’s really important and Mel’s an amazing cook. Some nights I might go to the theatre and might take one of the kids with me, but I don’t like to keep my evenings too packed.”

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4. [Infographic] Women: Does a Higher Education Mean Better Opportunities?

This week, the European Parliament released an infographic on higher education and levels of employment levels afterwards for each EU country. The results might come as a surprise.

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5. 14 LGBT Women Who Are Doing Amazing Things Around The World

Investitures At Windsor CastleWhile we’re celebrating the achievements of womankind this International Women’s Day, we must not forget about the LGBT women around the world doing amazing things. The sad truth is that LGBT women rarely get the recognition they deserve in mainstream media, so Huffington Post in their #IWD2015 Homepage Takeover (edited by Jameela Jamil) decided to shine a light on just some of the fabulous women making the world a better place for all of us, regardless of our sexuality, gender or race.

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6. How Women Can Build Confidence in the Workplace

Author Helene Lerner joins Huffington Post Live to discuss her latest book “The Confidence Myth” and how women can enhance their belief in themselves in the workplace.

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7. Feminism 101: A Guide to Women’s Rights for Dudes

First and foremost, we are equal, don’t ask us if we’re going to burn our bras, It’s okay to be chivalrous and it’s not all about you!

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8. As We Mark International Women’s Day 2015, Girls Stand #UpForSchool

Philippines Nigeria Kidnapped GirlsThe world is calling for a safe education for all children. People everywhere feel strongly that it is unacceptable for parents to keep children at home because they are too afraid to send them to school. The #UpForSchool petition — has already been signed by 3 million people. It is on the way to becoming the biggest petition for education and it won’t stop there.

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