7 Things to Do When You Think You Can’t Accomplish Something

We all have those tasks we spend more time dreading than actually doing. Whether it’s working on your budget, immersing yourself in a presentation, or finally cleaning out the garage (which you’ve said you’ll do for six months now), there are many factors influencing your abilities to not only do it, but to do it well. It might sound easy to push it back each day but in the long run, you’re putting more pressure on yourself, building it up to be something a great deal more dreadful than it actually is. Here are some simple ways to get that thing done.

  1. Do something that energises you
    Half of the battle is feeling too drained to begin a task. Adjust your mind set by doing something you enjoy first. Whether it’s having a creative brainstorm at work, having a chat with someone who energises you, or going outside for a walk, know that you have the power to shift your focus and boost your mood. Starting it with fresh eyes will make the whole thing a piece of cake.
  1. Give yourself a maximum time frame to get it done within
    Set yourself a time frame and stick to it. Tell yourself you have 40 minutes to give this job your full concentration and no more. If it’s a big project, break it down into 30 or 40 minute chunks and tackle it bit by bit.
  1. Think about how you might feel once you’ve actually done it
    So you’ve been building this chore up to be much worse than it actually is by putting it off. Imagine the feeling of relief when it’s finally complete. How will it impact your daily routine and what more can you get done without all the worrying? Chances are you’ll have a clearer outlook and be more productive.
  1. Make yourself accountable
    Talk to someone about it and ask them to check in on your progress from time to time. That way you’re fully accountable if you start stalling again. Who knows, they might even offer a fresh perspective and help you figure out a new way to tackle it.
  1. Take a look back at a time you’ve felt like a true champion at something
    Whether it’s feeling motivated by someone you truly believe in, championing the achievements of somebody who deserved that recognition inside of work or out, or winning that egg and spoon race trophy at Sport’s Day in year five, there’s definitely something you’ve nailed. It’s easy to get lost in the slog of a major project, so take the time to think about a time you felt like you did a spectacular job and how it made you feel. You can put that adrenaline to good use, giving your task everything you’ve got, however big or small it may be.
  1. Put on your favourite music
    Lift your mood and diffuse that looming project with the music you love. Some people simply focus better with headphones on. Going back to point #1, you’ve re-energised yourself, taken a break and set yourself a time frame in which to get it done. If drum ‘n’ bass helps you power through with no distractions, then mission accomplished.
  1. Know that you can do it
    Don’t doubt yourself. Believe you can get it done without spending hours rationalising every minor detail. It has been assigned to you because you’re fully capable. Extinguish any self-doubt you might have and give it all you’ve got.

Sanjana Modha

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