5 Best Reads of The Week

1. 22 Books Women Think Men Should Read


“Time and again, lists of required reading for men circulate that seem more like lists of required reading BY men. Esquire’s list of 80 books all men should read included just one by a woman. AskMen’s 10 books men should read before 30 did as well – a cookbook. It’s become clear: Men think men should read books by men, about men.”

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2. 4 Strategies for Leading a Totally Overwhelmed Team


To summarise, you must allow your team to have fun because this will release tension and help release creativity. Perhaps the most important thing is to make it know that you have their backs.

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3. Form “Creative Circles” Instead of a Single Mentor for More Guidance

creative-circlesAre ‘Creative Circles’ from your peer network more valuable than have a single mentor? Here, Heather Yamada-Hosley explores what you can learn from a combination of people including those on your own level and those who are older and more experienced.

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4. 21 Quotes on Womanhood By Female Authors That Totally Nailed It

female-authorsHuffPost editors share their favourite passages and quotes by female authors that speak to them as women. Some of the passages address womanhood specifically, others speak to humanity in ways that feel fundamentally female to us when we read them.

Find out what they chose on Huffington Post

5. 16 Ways to Create Your Own Happiness at Work

happiness-at-workWhen it comes to being happy at work, you must learn what work specifically for you. Whether you’re having an off day or are exploring options to help solve a problem, one of these helpful points from Dr. Travis Bradberry might just come in handy.

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