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A few very striking things have been brought to my attention this week. The first is that mindfulness meditation before bed is the perfect way to unwind, forget the troubles of the day and any anticipation of worry ahead. The focus is on the here and now, and this quite literally means bodily sensations like breathing. I’ve learnt that when we practice mindfulness, we accept all thoughts and feelings as they come and go, assigning no judgment to them.

The second is that finding happiness in our everyday work can change everything. The trickiest part is actually identifying the root of unhappiness and being prepared to do something about it. WICT UK VP, Kate Bradshaw writes in her article for LinkedIn Pulse that, ‘Some companies are hiring talented folk just to collaborate and deliver a specific project. That way they get the best people who want to be there. They’re on a contract, but all the better for being hired for what they’re really good at, and for a specific time, and most importantly for what they’re passionate about. This is the passion economy.’ So is the passion economy the way forward? Gwen Moran wrote for Fast Company this week, ‘If there truly aren’t aspects of your job that make you happy, create them’. Or is the solution to instead focus your efforts on finding a way in which you can contribute to what really matters to you?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

In the meantime, here are our Top 5 Reads of The Week including the articles by Kate Bradshaw and Gwen Moran and one on mindfulness meditation.

1. Why Passion Could Change Everything
WICT UK VP, Kate Bradshaw explores the impact of the passion economy on women and men, for businesses, for communities and society.
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2. How to Be a Success in Everything
Gwen Moran on Jessica Simko’s theory that “you’re responsible for your own happiness” in her forthcoming book, Why Can’t I Be Me? Understanding and Rising Above the Fake It ‘Til You Make It Work Culture. The book advises people to drop the “fake it ‘til you make it” mentality and get real about what’s making them unhappy. She says you can find happiness, even in a job you dislike.
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3. Cultivating Mindfulness to Help Sleep

white-company-bedCrawling into bed with a head full of worry and to-do lists can zap your productivity away faster than you can say ‘sleep’. Mindfulness meditation (a mind-calming practice that focuses on breathing and awareness of the present moment) can help you nod off much faster and leave you feeling focused and energised in the morning.
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4. 20 Tips for Getting More Done Everyday
“Don’t confuse being busy with getting things accomplished. It’s possible to work an absurd number of hours without actually making much progress. Unfortunately, being busy is much easier than being productive. So here are 20 tips for making sure you’re actually getting the work done.”
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5. 5 Things to Say Instead of Sorry

How many times a day do you notice yourself and other women say ‘sorry’ for no apparent reason? Last year’s Pantene ad highlighted how it everyday situations, women often suffer from this verbal tic of saying sorry for raising points in meetings or someone else bumping into you. Tory Paez shares her top 5 things to say instead of sorry.
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by Sanjana Modha-Patel

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