Scott Says: February Update from the WICT UK President

As I write to you this month I’m putting together the final touches to my introduction to the WICT UK conference, which as you know is taking place on International Women’s Day, 8 March. The IWD theme of Gender Parity is a great topic as it’s now going to take a huge 117 years until we reach this! I know that I’m not prepared to wait that long – are you? If you haven’t signed up please do so now in order that you take part.

We have secured an amazing line up of speakers who include Priti Patel the Employment Minister, to Simon Fanshawe, writer and broadcaster. We will also be welcoming the WICT US President, Maria Brennan who is coming over for our event.

Sponsored by Virgin Media and compèred by Guto Harri, MD of External Communications at Liberty Global, the day will be entertaining, educational and thought provoking. This is also another great opportunity to network with your colleagues across our industry. We are also supporting the HeforShe campaign and would encourage all WICT members to bring a guest for free; all your male colleagues are very welcome! Just register your guest on the registration link so we can cater for them.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


5 Ways To Kick Start Your Development Plan Without Asking Your Manager


1. When ‘No’ might be better as ‘Yes’

If someone offers you an opportunity, don’t dismiss it out of hand. I had a coffee the other day with a colleague I used to work with but a long time ago. He’s looking for a new role in the same industry as me and when I asked how I could help, connect him with any of my contacts, he replied with a flat ‘no, I don’t think so, no thanks.’

But he could have asked me out of all my contacts who did I think would be good to connect with? Just one or two people and he’d have saved himself some time, drunk some good coffee or even just met a new and interesting person. He might even have landed a new job.

2. Treat every day at work like it’s your first day in the job

On day one of the job you’re probably a little scared, you’re keen to impress, you’re excited and you’re ready to learn. You ask lots of questions because you don’t know the answers and you need to learn fast. And you even question a bit more deeply to understand why something is done in a certain way, and you may share other ways you’ve done it or could do it. Your ‘day one stance’ is very contagious and the added energy of the newbie, can lift you through the dull tasks later on and gets you thinking about other areas where you can make a difference and learn.

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5 Small Changes That Can Make a Big Impact on You and Your Life

1. Connect and Eject

Being able to connect and eject starts with building a diverse network.  The more quality people you have in your virtual Rolodex the better!  This way when an opportunity presents itself you can quickly connect two people and then eject from the conversation and allow them to take it from there.  I believe every link could lead to collaboration, a new idea or invention, or problem solved, and at the very least a brilliant conversation between two awesome people.   I also believe if you are transparent and open with your network, it will come back to you in spades.  Remove your expectations and stand back to see what great things can come from being the link.

2. Mindset Matters

There is no doubt that the mindset you take on each day matters.  It matters greatly. It can change your day, ruin your day, and even turn your day around.  I believe a growth mindset, as described so brilliantly by Carol Dweck, is the choice mindset that will lead to success, opportunities and positive outcomes.  Believe it or not, choosing the growth mindset will also increase your energy throughout the day.

3. Launch and Adjust


After many years of trying to be a perfectionist, I learned to let go and launch and adjust.  And I have learned that this could also be the best way to get as near to perfection as possible.  Not only can you learn and laugh at any mistakes you make, once something has launched to the public, you can quickly learn what cultural adaptations need to be made, what needs more clarity, and what might not be working at all and why.  So go ahead, put it out there and see what happens.  Sitting on something for years until it is perfect may be too late.

4. See Something Say Something

If you walk up the subway stairs in New York City you will see this slogan written all over the city.  In 2012 I saw Thomas Friedman start his speech with the very same words.  It resonates and reminds me to stay awake, and aware, and to be vocal. We all have a voice and we should use it. When we see something great, people should know.  When we see something that isn’t quite kosher, we should state our view on the matter, and if we see something down right wrong, we need to let the world know. Be seen. Be heard. Be credible.

5. Mentor and Model

The more you read the more you will see a trend in the significance of mentors in the world of work and progressing in one’s career.  You will also read how critical it is for leaders to model the behaviours that are wanted within a culture.  And what happens to an organisation when there is disconnect or no modelling at all.  Seems simple enough, right? Alas, mentoring and modelling is not yet common practice across all companies. There is no reason we shouldn’t all have a mentor, be a mentor, be a role model, and approach the workplace with a spirit of generosity and abundance to lift as we climb. There is really no excuse not to.

By Judy Goldberg
WonderShift Ltd