20 Key Career Lessons for Every Stage in Life

Childhood Lessons

1. Learning is everything.

2. Women can achieve anything they want (I was inspired by Thatcher’s achievement to be the first Prime Minister – I hasten to add I’m not political!).

3. Remember your childhood dreams.


Early Career Lessons

1. Don’t ever give up.

2. Be brave, push yourself out of your comfort zone.

3. Ask for help from people you trust.

4. Feedback is a gift; listen to it, thank the person giving it and act on it.

5. Understand how business works and the numbers. Commercial nous is important.


Mid-Career Lessons

1. Learning opportunities are everywhere, go find them.

2. Tell people what you want to do; your managers and peers are not mind readers.

3. Know what you’re good at and shout about it.

4. If you’re not enjoying your job – leave.

5. Stay true to your personal values.mirror

Exec-Level Lessons and Beyond

1. Take ownership of your career.

2. Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up.

3. Have fun at work.

4. Speak up, be heard.

5. Take on further study, charity work, volunteer, trustee or non-exec role to further develop yourself.

Lessons for Life

1. Family and friends are more important than work.

2. Life is too short, make the most of every moment.


Helen Scott

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